A Year in Review with Curbee

As 2021 draws to a close, Curbee reflects on its first full year of operation.

“This holiday season, we want to share our appreciation of the entire Curbee community for making 2021 extraordinary. We thank our Curbee team for their tremendous contributions and look forward to spreading the joy of hassle-free car care in the Bay Area (and perhaps beyond) in 2022.”

Denise Leleux, CEO of Curbee

Here’s a look back at Curbee’s Top 10 Highlights of 2021:

The Curbee team is looking forward to what 2022 will bring and wishes everyone a safe, happy holiday season!

Hitting the road for some holiday action in December? Before you set out, consider the benefits of getting your car in tip-top shape, ready for colder temperatures and any inclement conditions that may arise. Even if you’re planning to celebrate at home, there are definitely benefits to making sure your car is winter-weather ready this season.

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