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Prepare for the Holidays with Curbee

Treat Yourself (and Your Car) to Curbee’s Holiday Travel Prep Package

Planning on heading over the river and through the woods for Thanksgiving this year? Hitting the road for some holiday action in December? Before you set out, consider the benefits of getting your car in tip-top shape, ready for colder temperatures and any inclement conditions that may arise. Even if you’re planning to celebrate at home, there are definitely benefits to making sure your car is winter-weather ready this season.

How Curbee is changing the landscape of automotive service by reinventing how car care is delivered and experienced.

Imagine a world where your maintenance light never comes on, you don't have to rearrange your day to visit the repair shop, and you don't need to know what your odometer says (or is). The hassle of car maintenance disappears. Everything is handled with ease, courtesy of a friendly, reliable service that comes to you. Curbee exists to make car care, carefree.