August 11, 2022
Written by
Kate Rochat

Q: 1998 Chevy Camaro won’t start after replacing alternator, car alarm keeps going off. What's wrong?

Answer: Surprisingly, sometimes a bad fuel pump triggers the car alarm to go off at random times. For certain vehicles, the anti-theft systems (car alarm) and the fuel pump system can be related. This is because some anti theft systems prevent the car from being started by an incorrect signal or key, causing the fuel pump to be blocked and not send fuel to the engine, which will lead your car to not start. At the same time, if your car believes theft is occurring, it will sound the car alarm. Thus, there is likely a reason that your car is signaling the anti-theft systems. If you use a keyless ignition system, make sure that your key fob is completely charged. If it is, you might need to confer with your manufacturer to see what the problem is.