August 11, 2022
Written by
Kate Rochat

Q: If you had to choose 3 car brands to recommend for maintenance cost and longevity, which would you choose?

Answer: With so many options available, it can be very difficult to narrow down which car to purchase. Many people have different opinions about different brands and models, which can make it difficult to know which opinions to trust. However, if you are looking for a trusty, affordable vehicle that is guaranteed to last you a long time, there are a few options that are widely agreed upon to fit the bill. If we had to choose 3 car brands to recommend that are low maintenance, reasonably priced, and last a long time, Mazda, Honda, and Toyota would be the best choices. All of these vehicles have very routine maintenance, making it nearly impossible to find a mechanic that is unable to operate on your vehicle. The pricing is reasonable, and these cars are safe, long lasting, and stable rides.