September 12, 2022
Written by
Jenna Lutwin

Curbee Launches Environmentally-friendly Mobile Car Wash in Bay Area

Among the many impacts that cars have on the environment, car washing can be a major contributor to water pollution if it's not done correctly. Beyond the risk of harmful pollutants and chemicals flowing into nearby storm drains, the average driveway car wash can use more than 100 gallons of water

To combat these drastic environmental impacts, Curbee has launched its Mobile Car Wash, an on-demand, convenient car wash service conducted by mechanics that delivers interior and exterior cleans right at a consumers’ home or work. Curbee’s environmentally friendly car wash only uses safe cleaning products, like biodegradable multi-surface cleaners and degreasers, to help keep local water sources clean, and averages less than one cup of water per wash, a fraction of what consumers use to wash their own cars at home.

By using a blend of biodegradable detergents designed for easy rinsing and Curbee’s own macro polymer, the advanced formula breaks down and suspends dirt and grime, replacing it with a protective layer that allows for superior protection from day-to-day road grime and a clean vehicle with a long-lasting shine. 

Curbee also uses anti-statics to keep dust off vehicle surfaces longer, making dust and dirt easier to remove. Curbee’s solution contains macro polymers which bond to the surface, leaving it with a shine and sealed for protection against weather and road conditions. 

Curbee’s Mobile Car Wash includes:

  • Interior and exterior hand wash
  • Tire and rim cleaning with shine treatment
  • Vacuum of interior and trunk
  • Glass and interior surface cleaning
  • Signature Health Check every four months

Customers also have the option to add on a shine detailer for paint, glass, chrome, polished aluminum, and all painted wheels to better protect a car’s surface and produce a brilliant, long-lasting, durable shine. 

Curbee’s Mobile Car Wash costs just $79 and can be booked directly at And as with all Curbee services, mobile car washes include Curbee’s complimentary, multi-point Signature Health Check, which consists of a thorough inspection of the major car components to identify issues that require urgent attention or maintenance updates that might be needed in the coming months. 

Curbee’s full list of services are available to consumers in the Bay Area by simply booking an appointment at or calling 1-866-CURBEE-1.