August 11, 2022
Written by
Jenna Lutwin

Curbee Rolls Out Free Signature Health Checks

Earlier this month, Curbee rolled out its Signature Health Check, a complimentary service conducted by mechanics at each Curbee appointment that is designed to give consumers visibility into upcoming service and maintenance needs. The Signature Health Check enables planning for future necessary repairs and services so that customers can keep their cars in the best condition while avoiding unexpected headaches and fees at repair shops. Gone are the days where you need to ask Google, “what does the check engine light mean?”

Over time and with continued use, car parts inevitably break down: belts wear down, fluids run low, and issues start to develop under the surface. Occasionally you’ll get a flashing check engine light with little understanding of what needs to be serviced. With Curbee’s multi-point Signature Health Check, qualified mechanics thoroughly inspect the condition of major components of a car to identify issues that require urgent attention as well as maintenance updates that might be needed in the coming months. 

Findings are packaged up into a digital, easy-to-understand report for the car owner as a comprehensive view of their car’s health — assessing everything from the engine down to the brake pads. Customers no longer need to guess or wait for strange noises to happen before they realize their car needs care. 

The Signature Health Check is completed with each service conducted by Curbee, making car care one less chore customers have to worry about. The Signature Health Check looks at:

  • Engine bay - including air filter, brake fluid, cooling system hoses, and belts
  • Tires and brakes - including tread depth, calipers, rotors, and brake lines
  • Suspension parts - including CV boots, struts and shocks
  • Dashboard warning lights
  • Lights, both interior and exterior

Curbee is continuing to transform the traditional car care industry, bringing it into the modern age through technology and a human-centered experience focused on customer experience. Curbee ensures car owners feel their car care needs are in the hands of reliable, knowledgeable, and friendly mechanics. With the details, data, and transparency of the Signature Health Check, car owners know exactly how their car is doing and what care their car needs.

Curbee’s complimentary Signature Health Check is available to consumers in the Bay Area with the purchase of any other Curbee service. Consumers simply book an appointment at, and Curbee will come to the car and perform the inspection.