September 22, 2022
Written by
JP Persico

Fleet Maintenance Made Simple

Your team’s time has become one of the major constraints in today's market, we want to fix that for you. At curbee we saved our customers this year alone 60,000 minutes in work hours by just getting the car fixed, where it is supposed to be.  

Curbee brings peace of mind to car care. We do our best to prevent you from wasting your time and money. Spending extra time on repairs derails the productivity and success of your operations, which can result in high cost on the vehicles and lost business opportunities. This costly cycle can leave fleet owners feeling frustrated and unsure of where to turn.

You should be able to save as much of your time and money as possible. If you can save your money, then you can save your time. Continue reading to learn more about the reliable services that Curbee has available now!

Your First Appointment 

Curbee professionals are experts who stop at nothing to put your fleet worries to rest. Our Signature Health Check assesses your vehicles’ vitals and major components. This analysis allows us to get a solid reading on how effectively your vehicles are running. 

After our assessment, we offer advice on a customized car plan that keeps your fleet in great shape overtime. 

Our comprehensive list of services includes: 

  • Oil change 
  • Brake services 
  • Tire and wheel upkeep and repair 
  • Battery services 
  • Vehicle diagnostics
  • Manufacturer Recommended Maintenance

Every service is designed to save you money and leave you worry-free. 

Ways You Save Money

Unexpected and costly repairs can present a challenge to your fleet. The Curbee Signature Health Check is performed at every service and ensures that your fleet stays in great shape overtime by catching issues early. It’s that simple! 

Keeping an eye on things helps prevent small problems from becoming major, business-breaking issues. This approach is especially important for fleet owners who want to avoid paying out of pocket for expensive repairs and days without your fleet operating and generating revenue for your business. 

You can’t neglect your fleet and expect everything to work without any problems. Eventually, something is going to happen. When it does, you deserve the special attention and care that only comes with the services of a Curbee professional. 

Every fleet is unique, with its own special strengths and weaknesses. With each fleet comes a grocery list of things that are working and things that aren’t. 

Instead of crafting a cookie-cutter approach, we’ve designed an expert-driven fleet service that’s tailored specifically to the needs of your business. When you hire a Curbee professional, no corner, crack, or crevice goes unchecked. 

Bringing the Service to You

Don’t let time slip through your fingers! Stay on top of things and hire a Curbee professional to come take a look at your fleet. 

When you visit vendors or repair shops, you cost yourself extra time and resources that could have been better used elsewhere. Wouldn’t it be nice to stay put and have the repairman come to you for once? 

At Curbee, we believe the best service to be the service that comes to you. Our experienced professionals come to you. Give us a call, and we’ll drop by and conduct maintenance, repairs, and diagnostics wherever and whenever you like. 

You can expect to have your fleet running at optimal efficiency and save yourself from unexpected disasters. Save yourself time with Curbee — because your success is our success. 

Curbee Fleet Maintenance and Repair 

If you’re a fleet owner who wants to take your company to the next level, then Curbee is your partner on that journey. We aim to make your job a walk in the park by reducing vendor confusion and enabling asset operation transparency. 

Still wondering if our services are right for you? Get in touch with us today!