August 15, 2022
Written by
Jenna Lutwin

How Curbee’s 45-minute Mobile Oil Change Helps California Drivers save Money Long-term

Did you know that low or dirty oil in a car can cause engine damage and performance issues, potentially leading to major cost implications down the road? Conducting oil changes at proper intervals will keep your car’s engine running efficiently and prevent contaminants from building up in the engine overtime. 

For financially-savvy Californians looking to get the most out of their car and save money from unexpected car repairs in the long run, Curbee offers a 45-minute mobile oil change conducted at the customer’s home or workplace by qualified mobile mechanics. 

Curbee’s oil changes, which start at just $99, include a complete synthetic oil and oil filter service and responsible disposal of used oil. And as with all Curbee services, oil changes include Curbee’s complimentary, multi-point Signature Health Check, which consists of a thorough inspection of the major car components to identify issues that require urgent attention or maintenance updates that might be needed in the coming months. 

There are several benefits that consumers can reap from maintaining healthy engine oil, including:

  • Lubricated engine: There are a number of fast moving parts within an engine and proper oil lubrication is necessary to prevent those parts from wearing down or breaking due to friction. 
  • Improved gas mileage: When an engine is lubricated properly, it consumes fuel more efficiently. Routine oil changes can improve gas mileage by 1-2 percent. While that may not seem like a lot, this adds up over the lifetime of a car. 
  • Heightened engine performance: The dirtier a car’s oil is, the harder it will be for the engine to perform. Oil changes help to improve engine performance.
  • Car lifetime extended: A car is an expensive investment. Consumers can extend the longevity of their car by ensuring the engine is working efficiently, preventing the car from wearing out. 
  • Money saved: Routine oil changes decrease the likelihood of unexpected engine repairs from bad oil, saving consumers money over time. Oil changes are typically just a fraction of what it can cost to make significant repairs to an engine.

To date, Curbee’s mobile mechanics have successfully performed nearly 2,000 mobile oil changes for consumers throughout the Bay Area. Curbee’s full synthetic oil change starts at $99 for up to 5 quarts of oil, with an additional $20 per quart above 5 quarts. Never worked with Curbee or our team of mobile mechanics before? For a limited time, Curbee is offering first time customers a $50 discount on their first oil change by using code OIL50 at checkout. Curbee’s full list of services are available to consumers in the Bay Area by simply booking an appointment at