August 16, 2022
Written by
Jenna Lutwin

Lemon Squad Inspection vs. Curbee: What’s the Difference?

Used cars are typically the more practical and economical option for most buyers. However, one of the biggest challenges with buying a used car is conducting the necessary inspections to ensure it is the right choice for you. Mobile inspection checklists are a great place to start, but for some relying on a mobile mechanic is the best choice. If you’re in the market for a mobile mechanic, this post reviews the differences between using Lemon Squad’s inspection service versus Curbee’s mobile used car inspection service.

What is a mobile used car inspection?

Car inspections usually consist of a series of checks on the overall condition of your car. Many states require drivers to get their cars inspected regularly, which help ensure that all cars on the road are properly maintained and adhere to general safety standards. Inspections help drivers proactively detect potential problems before they spin out of control, no pun intended. 

Car inspections are like an annual physical with your doctor. Just as there are several parts to your checkup at the doctor, there are several stages to a car inspection.

Who performs mobile used car inspections? 

Vehicle inspections can be done by almost any qualified mobile mechainc. With so many options for mobile mechanics, including the option to do it yourself, it is integral that you do your homework to ensure you’re making an informed decision. 

Lemon Squad and Curbee are both trusted names in the industry that offer mobile used car inspection services tailored to your needs. But let’s take a closer look at what sets them apart to help you determine if Lemon Squad is good or if Curbee is the better choice.

Lemon Squad vs Curbee

Lemon Squad Overview

Lemon Squad is built on a huge network of inspectors all across the United States. After an order for a mobile used car inspection is placed, Lemon Squad’s team of dispatchers contact the nearest technician to brief them on the car, in addition to any specific concerns you may have brought up during the order process. Lemon Squad inspections are scheduled as soon as possible, based on the seller's or dealer's availability and the inspector drives directly to the vehicle to perform the inspection. After your Lemon Squad used car inspection has been completed, your results are uploaded to a portal where an Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Master Technician double checks the findings. Once ready, you can log on to your account to review the results.

Lemon Squad offers a range of used car inspections. It’s most popular offering is the Standard Inspection which includes: 

  • Computer diagnosis of the engine, transmission, ABS, and air-bag
  • Comprehensive mechanical inspection of the complete drive-train
  • Inspection of the steering, suspension, and brakes
  • Checks for previous accident damage and flood damage
  • Road test
  • Fluid levels check
  • With up to 25 pictures of the results

Curbee Overview

Curbee mechanics are highly trained professionals who love and understand cars. Through Curbee’s website, car buyers or dealers can book an appointment online for a mobile used car inspection and a Curbee professional will meet them at their desired location. Upon arrival, a Curbee mechanic will ask ask a few questions to better understand your concerns or questions for the vehicle before conducting the inspection. 

During the inspection process, Curbee mechanics follow a 50+ point Used Car Inspection Checklist to give consumers full transparency into a car's condition before their potential purchase. Curbee mechanics also take the time to review and explain their findings in detail with the buyer or dealer so they can clearly understand the outcomes of their inspection. Once the inspection is completed, Curbee uploads pictures to your Curbee account so you can have the images as reference for further consideration. 

Curbee's checklist consists of both external and internal checks, some of which includes:


  • Engine bay, including air filter, brake fluid, cooling system hoses, and drive belt
  • Suspension parts including cv boots, struts and shocks, and tire rod ball joints
  • Tires and brakes, including calipers, rotors, and brake lines
  • Dashboard warning lights
  • Exterior lights


  • Seat belt and seat adjustments
  • Window switches and sunroof functionality
  • Door locks and key fobs
  • AC and heat temperature
  • Backup camera and side mirror adjustment 


Buying a used car without an inspection can run the risk of missing key issues and paying far more than a car is worth. An exhaustive used car check, completed by a qualified mobile mechanic, can save consumers money by helping them to avoid future repairs and set a more accurate price for their vehicle based on its current condition. 

Both Lemon Squad and Curbee provide trusted service that meet the industry standard of excellence – but your selection of the right company will depend on your specific needs. Lemon Squad’s services range from standard inspections sufficient for most vehicles, to exotic cars, commercial vehicles and everything in between. A standard mobile used car inspection is priced at $199 and reaches upwards of nearly $450 for specialty inspections. Curbee’s used car inspections, on the other hand, are a flat fee of $99 for all makes and models. This covers the inspection of the most important mechanical, electrical, and safety features to give you peace of mind before buying. If you’re located in the Bay Area and in the market for a mobile mechanic to conduct your used car inspection, visit Curbee’s website at to book an appointment.