How Curbee is changing the landscape of automotive service by reinventing how car care is delivered and experienced

Imagine a world where your maintenance light never comes on, you don't have to rearrange your day to visit the repair shop, and you don't need to know what your odometer says (or is). The hassle of car maintenance disappears. Everything is handled with ease, courtesy of a friendly, reliable service that comes to you. Curbee exists to make car care, carefree. 

The automotive industry has made some massive leaps over the last ten years. Unfortunately, car owners are still forced to follow the outdated way of car repair, which is clunky and can interrupt days or sometimes weeks of your life. Somehow, in an era of convenience and instant customer feedback, car owners still accept such a low standard from their car maintenance experience. At Curbee, we believe it is time to put the power back in your hands, and give you control over your car.
The vast majority of standard vehicle services can be performed safely and efficiently in the comfort of your driveway or office parking lot. The age of being trapped in a repair shop or strong-armed into a higher priced service is gone. Curbee offers car owners a true service: making car maintenance invisible. 
Curbee aims to fix the process of fixing cars. We will be available, show up on time, do the job right, and instill the confidence that we’ve got your back. Because you should think about your car’s health as much as it thinks about you. 

We want to empower our customers and give them the decision making power they deserve. We’re confident that by nailing the basics, and providing transparency, we can earn the right to call ourselves a trusted partner
- Denise Leleux, CEO of Curbee

Car care that comes to you. Because you have better things to do. Let Curbee make your car ownership experience, carefree.