Mobile Car Wash in Mountain View, CA

  • $79 interior/exterior hand wash
  • $20 add-on sealant (optional)
  • Quarterly Signature Health Check

Car Wash in Mountain View, CA

With stunning vistas of the Santa Cruz Mountains, Mountain View is home to over 80,000 residents. Sitting close to Silicon Valley, the locals know the value of innovation and an eco-friendly approach to daily activities.

At Curbee, we aim to give you the best Mountain View car wash your car has ever had. Our professionals use premium eco-friendly cleaning solutions and less than one cup of water. Best of all, we bring everything we need with us to wherever your car is parked.

Curbee’s Mobile Mountain View Car Wash

Our professionals at Curbee are out to change the way car care is done, and that includes car washes. Every car wash includes:

In addition, our team will also perform a Signature Health Check with every wash and provide you with a personalized auto care plan, too. We’ll discuss the results of the health check with you, and if we find anything that needs attention, we’ll recommend the next steps. 

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Car Wash Reviews From Mountain View Customers

"You can’t beat the convenience, professional crew and such low water usage. I have recommended them to anyone looking to get their car washed."
""My car was cleaned by curbee, literally parked on the street, and it was totally immaculate by the time they were done. 10/10 Considering the prices of a wash in the city, I paid a tiny bit extra and I didn’t even have to drive and lose my parking spot."
"Love this car washing service! Saves water and cars are sparkling clean. Crew was prompt and professional."

What's included

Eco-Friendly Wash  

  • Interior and exterior hand wash
  • Tire cleaning and shine treatment
  • Vacuum of interior and trunk
  • Glass and interior surface cleaning
  • Signature Health Check every four months

We bring the wash to you

The Curbee Mobile Wash is environmentally friendly and uses safe biodegradable cleaning products to deliver an incredible exterior and interior clean.

We make car care easy

From standard maintenance to service and repair, Curbee brings car care directly to you.

  • Online booking
  • Crew comes to you
  • Transparent pricing
  • Signature Health Check every four months
Proudly serving customers in Mountain View, CA (94035, 94039, 94040, 94041, 94042, 94043)

Business Hours

Monday - Friday: 9:00am-5:00pm PST
Saturday: 9:00am-12:00pm, 1:00pm-3:00pm PST
Sunday: Closed

Recent car wash jobs

Below find a listing of some our recent car washes in this city!






Services in Mountain View, CA
  • Brake Caliper Replacement

  • Brake Drum Replacement

  • Full Synthetic Oil Change

  • Oil Filter Replacement

  • Oil Pressure Switch Replacement

  • Signature Health Check

  • Pre-purchase Inspection

  • Standard Tire Rotation

  • Tire Air Pressure Check & Fill

  • Tire Replacement

  • Wheel Stud Replacement

  • Valve Cover Gaskets

  • Motor & Transmission Mounts

  • Engine Cooling System Repairs  & Maintenance

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Car Wash Service

A mobile car wash is the fastest, most convenient way to clean any car of any size, make, or model. It’s an extremely popular car care service in Mountain View, CA

Instead of driving to the local car wash with poor customer service, waiting in line, and worrying that your car might be unintentionally damaged - or even worse, streaks! - invite Curbee into your driveway to handle all of the hard work for you.

How often should you wash your car?

In Mountain View, CA, cars get pretty dirty. Whether you’re an off road warrior kicking dust up on every trail, or you’re simply driving to the coffee shop and back, you’ve likely noticed your car is in need of a wash. 

How often you wash your car depends on a number of factors - including how much you drive and where it’s parked. Ideally you’re washing your car at least twice per month, and waxing your car twice per year.

How do you wash a car?

Curbee provides an exceptional interior and exterior car wash service detailing services to our customers in Mountain View, CA.

We first hand wash the exterior of your car. From the headlights to the bumper and everything in between. We use less than 1 cup of water to do it, too, which makes our entire process environmentally-friendly. We give your tires a shine treatment, so you’ll be turning heads on every block you drive down.

We then wipe down the interior dashboard and door panels to make sure your vents and console are free of dirt and dust. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic we ask that you remove any personal items, trash or used masks from your vehicle prior to your Curbee service.

Lastly, we’ll perform a health check to make sure your beautiful car is ready to roll and kept in great shape over time. A mobile car wash from Curbee can be booked using the scheduler above or chatting with our team online now!

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What's a Health Check?

It’s like a routine physical for your car. With time and use, parts wear down, bulbs burn out and fluids run low. We check the condition of major components, explain what we find, offer to fix any urgent issues, and give you a heads up about maintenance you may need in the coming months.

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