Treat Yourself (and Your Car) to Curbee’s Holiday Travel Prep Package

Planning on heading over the river and through the woods for Thanksgiving this year? Hitting the road for some holiday action in December? Before you set out, consider the benefits of getting your car in tip-top shape, ready for colder temperatures and any inclement conditions that may arise. Even if you’re planning to celebrate at home, there are definitely benefits to making sure your car is winter-weather ready this season.

Best of all, you don’t have to go anywhere to get this accomplished. Curbee, the Bay Area’s come-to-you auto maintenance and repair service company, will take care of this in the comfort of your own driveway. You just go online, order up the services you want and the Curbee team will come to you. Experts recommend a number of preventative maintenance measures to keep your car (and your plans) moving forward -- from wiper care to headlight checks to making sure those vital fluids are topped off.

Curbee’s Holiday Travel Prep package offers all this, and more, for an all-in-one reasonable $99. It all starts with the seasonal essential of a tire rotation and front windshield wiper replacement. Then, Curbee’s certified technicians work through a winterization Health Check on your vehicle, measuring your tire pressure, inspecting your headlights and turn signal systems. And how about those brake pads, your alternator and battery? You’ll get no confusing lingo or upsell from Curbee.

Next up, the team will top off fluids - including coolant and windshield. Last is a thorough review of your heating system – something you don’t want going kaput when the temperature drops.

Curbee will also recommend action, as many items can be taken care of on the spot without need to schedule another appointment.

Curbee has earned top points from Bay Area customers for its on-time arrival, its signature Health Check and its service performance. You can even order up a Mobile Wash – the environmentally friendly interior and exterior cleaning that uses less than a single cup of water.

Schedule your Curbee Holiday Travel Prep service right now.  This offer is only good until March 1, 2022.