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Car won’t start?

There’s a good chance it’s your battery. But maybe it’s something else. We’ll get you running again with the right service for you.

With a Curbee battery replacement, you get

  • Convenient online booking
  • Transparent upfront pricing, including a competitive estimate for a replacement battery, if and only if your vehicle needs it
  • On-time arrival of our friendly technicians
  • Full inspection of current battery and other likely causes to confirm the source of the problem
  • Explanation of issues found (in terms you can understand)
  • The right service to get you on the road, with no pushy upsells
  • Complimentary Signature Health Check —all (usually) in about 30 minutes

Welcome to Curbee

You have better things to do than sit in a waiting room and worry about whether your car really needs another expensive job. Curbee’s top priority is customer service. No commissions. No sales targets. Just taking car care off your to-do list. And without the overhead of a physical location, we offer some of the best prices you’ll find.

What's a Health Check?

It’s like a routine physical for your car. With time and use, parts wear down, bulbs burn out and fluids run low. We check the condition of major components, explain what we find, offer to fix any urgent issues, and give you a heads up about maintenance you may need in the coming months.

What's Included

Mobile Battery Replacement 

  • Custom quote for your specific vehicle make & model
  • Fast installation that comes to you 
  • Complimentary Health Check with your appointment

The benefits of a healthy battery

A healthy battery increases your vehicle's reliability and provides peace of mind

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