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Top marks from customers in Mountain View, CA

I love the convenience and the price is very competitive to going out and getting it done. Thank you for the excellent service!

Nisheth J.

The crew showed up on time and was very professional, got to work right away and when finished they did a fantastic job.

Alessio A.

Extremely convenient and professional! I hired Curbee for an interior & exterior car detailing. They arrived on time and detailed the car so well. They were very informative about the health of the car. I even signed up for their annual membership, which is so ideal for people who drive a lot. Highly recommend them!

Sania B.

Mobile Mechanic in Mountain View, CA

Mountain View, CA, is a city known for innovation. The city is home to tech companies like Google and Mozilla, and you can also find an Amazon headquarters here in the city. It all started with William Shockley bringing his famous semiconductor to the area, which laid the groundwork for innovation for years to come.

At Curbee, we understand that innovation is important for our Mountain View neighbors. That’s why we offer the residents of Mountain View mobile mechanic services that take care of your automotive needs at your address on your schedule.

Time for a Signature Health Check?

When you book a service with Curbee, you receive a Signature Health Check for no additional charge. During a Signature Health Check, a mobile mechanic in Mountain View will evaluate your vehicle, checking components like the tires, brakes, battery, and more.

When our scheduled service is complete, you’ll receive a report of our findings, as well as no-pressure recommendations for future services.

Services Provided by a Mobile Mechanic in Mountain View

According to the latest data, two-thirds of Mountain View residents travel to and from work by car alone. That’s a lot of driving. Depending on the nature of your commute, you could be putting a lot of wear-and-tear on your vehicle. Have you been keeping up with your service schedule?

Don’t worry; Curbee has you covered. We save you time through our innovative service process. Why waste time going to the repair shop when Curbee can bring the shop right to your doorstep?

Here’s just a sampling of the services a Mountain View mobile mechanic can provide:

Once the job is complete, we also wipe down the exterior of your car with our complimentary, eco-friendly car wash.

How Long Will My Curbee Appointment Take?

The skilled team at Curbee prides itself in efficiency. We arrive at your address on time, and perform your scheduled service with efficiency and quality.

Your appointment time will vary by the service, but an oil change will generally take 45 minutes to complete. You can use that time to get caught up on email, pay bills, or stream an episode or two of your favorite show.

With Curbee, we pride ourselves in giving our Mountain View customers the opportunity to multi-task!

How to Plan Your Curbee Appointment

Ready to take the next step? Curbee makes it easy to schedule your appointment.

Here’s what you can expect when you contact Curbee:

Once you book your appointment, we’ll do the rest. What are you waiting for? It’s time to book your Curbee appointment today.

Schedule Your Mountain View Mobile Mechanic Today

Looking for an oil change? Need your tires rotated? Having trouble with your engine? With Curbee, no job is too big—or too small. Book your appointment today, and see why Mountain View continues to be a leader in innovation.

What's a Health Check?

A routine physical for your car. Curbee’s signature Health Check is used to assess the vitals of your vehicles major components

We’ve Got You Covered

From standard maintenance to service and repair, Curbee brings car care directly to you. 

  • Online booking
  • Crew comes to you
  • Transparent pricing
  • Signature Health Check
Mobile Mechanic in Mountain View, CA | Curbee

Your Curbee Experience

Curbee is on a mission to eliminate car care from your to-do list, making every drive carefree.  As part of every service appointment, Curbee offers a signature Health Check to keep your car looking and performing great over time. 

Looking for an estimate?

Request a quote through our easy to use chat service on the bottom-right of your screen, or choose from one of our popular packages below: 

We bring the service center to you

Curbee's mobile service vehicles are outfitted with the tools and trained technicians to provide most vehicle repairs at your home or workplace. From replacing brakes, batteries and belts, to installing new filters or fluid flush and replacement, Curbee helps make vehicle maintenance convenient and affordable. 

Services in Mountain View, CA

Curbee uses eco-friendly products to deliver an incredible exterior and interior clean using less than 1 cup of water

Oil Change, Oil Filter Replacement, Oil Pressure Switch Replacement

Drivability Diagnostic Service, Diagnostic Service 12-Point Health Check, Pre-purchase Inspection

Belts & Hoses Inspection, Evaporative Smoke Test and Diagnostic, Full Brake Inspection, Engine Cooling System Inspection

Battery Replacement, Battery Cable Replacement

Tire Air Pressure Check & Fill, Tire Replacement

Tire Rotation, Wheel Stud Replacement

Brake Caliper Replacement, Brake Drum Replacement, Brake Fluid Service

Brake Master Cylinder Replacement, Brake Pad Replacement, Brake Pad Sensor Replacement, Brake Rotor Replacement, Brake Shoe Replacement, Brake Hose Replacement, Brake Hard Line Replacement, Brake Light Bulb Replacement, Emergency Brake Replacement, Master Brake Cylinder Replacement

Valve Cover Gaskets, Motor & Transmission Mounts, Engine Cooling System Repairs & Maintenance

Tune Ups & Maintenance, Valve Cover Gasket Replacement, Engine Oil Pan Gasket Replacement, Oil & Coolant Leaks, Motor & Transmission Mounts, Engine Cooling System Repair & Maintenance, Tune Ups, Scheduled Maintenance, Electrical Diagnosis, Wiring Concerns
Engine Mount Replacement

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