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Mobile Mechanic in Oakland, CA

Oakland is known for many things, ranging from its street festivals to its beautiful natural areas. A short visit to Oakland will soon reveal why it was once named one of the most walkable cities in America. If you’re a resident of Oakland, the last place you want to spend your time is in the waiting room of your car repair shop.


Curbee offers our neighbors in Oakland mobile mechanic services, so you can check your car off your to-do list while taking care of the rest of your busy schedule.

A Mobile Mechanic in Oakland

According to recent data, Oakland residents spend roughly 30 minutes a day commuting to and from work. Sound familiar? If so, you may appreciate a company that streamlines the car repair and maintenance process.


With Curbee, you get a simplified booking and repair process. Here’s what you can expect from a mobile mechanic in Oakland:



Our mechanics are friendly and reliable, so you never have to worry about fitting our services into an already packed schedule. When you schedule a curbside repair, you can have your car serviced while you check your email, fix dinner, or spend time with your family.

An Oil Change in Under an Hour

With Curbee, you can keep your car up-to-date with its oil change requirements without spending a single minute in a waiting room. In fact, our skilled technicians can perform an oil change in around 45 minutes, about the time it takes to stream an episode of your favorite drama.

Our Full Menu of Oakland Mobile Mechanic Services

Curbee doesn’t just provide oil change services. Our team can provide a full array of car repair and maintenance services, including:

Every service includes a complimentary Signature Health Check.

What’s Included in a Signature Health Check?

During our free Signature Health Check, one of our technicians will check the bulbs, battery, brakes, and other mechanical and electrical components of your car, ensuring that your car runs at optimal performance.


Afterward, you’ll receive a summary of the Signature Health Check, as well as no-pressure recommendations for ways to keep your car running at its best.

Waterless Car Wash

During our waterless car wash, our technician will wipe down the exterior of your car to keep it looking fresh and clean, all while using less than a single cup of water.

Transparent Pricing and Estimates

Curbee offers straightforward pricing for our services, so you know what to expect before you book your appointment. If you need a specific estimate, contact us through the chat window located at the bottom of your screen.

Book Your Oakland Mobile Mechanic Today

When was your last oil change? If it’s been a while, now’s a great time to ditch the waiting room and see the advantage of a mobile mechanic. Book your appointment with Curbee today. 

What's a Health Check?

It’s like a routine physical for your car. With time and use, parts wear down, bulbs burn out and fluids run low. We check the condition of major components, explain what we find, offer to fix any urgent issues, and give you a heads up about maintenance you may need in the coming months.

We've got you covered

From standard maintenance to service and repair, Curbee brings car care directly to you. 

  • Online booking
  • Crew comes to you
  • Transparent pricing
  • Signature Health Check

Your Curbee Experience

Curbee is on a mission to eliminate car care from your to-do list, making every drive carefree.  As part of every service appointment, Curbee offers a signature Health Check to keep your car looking and performing great over time. 

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We bring the service center to you

Curbee's mobile service vehicles are outfitted with the tools and trained technicians to provide most vehicle repairs at your home or workplace. From replacing brakes, batteries and belts, to installing new filters or fluid flush and replacement, Curbee helps make vehicle maintenance convenient and affordable.

Services in Oakland, CA
  • Brake Caliper Replacement

  • Brake Drum Replacement

  • Full Synthetic Oil Change

  • Oil Filter Replacement

  • Oil Pressure Switch Replacement

  • Signature Health Check

  • Pre-purchase Inspection

  • Curbee uses eco-friendly products
    to deliver an incredible exterior and interior clean using less than 1 cup of water

  • 12V Battery Replacement

  • Battery Cable Replacement

  • Valve Cover Gaskets

  • Motor & Transmission Mounts

  • Engine Cooling System Repairs  & Maintenance

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