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Team of 3 arrived on time, explained what they would be doing and asked if I had any questions before starting my service. All 3 team members were professional, courteous and did an awesome job! I will definitely use them again!

Kathy R.

Excellent service. Humble people. On time. Couldn’t be happier than this.

Atishay J.

Mobile Oil Change in Sunnyvale, CA

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Sunnyvale is a sprawling community that is just a short drive away from the iconic San Francisco. Sunnyvale is known as a hub for innovation and technological advancements.

Despite this reputation, many Sunnyvale residents still get their vehicle’s oil changed by dropping it off at the nearest service center. While the rest of life in Sunnyvale is continuously becoming more convenient, vehicle maintenance practices have remained one of the more tedious tasks that residents must complete.

Fortunately, Curbee is changing the way you handle vehicle maintenance. The next time you need a Sunnyvale oil change, skip the wait and book a mobile service visit with Curbee. 

Instead of reworking your entire day, simply book an appointment when it is most convenient for you. We will respond to your work or office and provide any necessary maintenance.

What Is a Mobile Oil Change in Sunnyvale, CA?

As the name implies, Curbee’s oil change services are completely mobile. Want to have your vehicle serviced in your driveway or the office parking lot? If so, then Curbee is just the team for the job.

Our expert technicians can service virtually every vehicle, no matter what the make or model might be. This includes some of the most popular vehicles in Santa Clara County, such as the BMW i3. If you own a lesser-known make or model, not to worry. Curbee can service your vehicle, too!

All you have to do is book your appointment online and input the desired location for service. Then, choose your desired appointment date and time based on our current availability. Our team will show up on time, every time, and get to work on your vehicle’s oil change.

How Much Does an Oil Change in Sunnyvale, CA, Cost?

The average cost of an oil change in Sunnyvale is just under $100. However, an oil change in Sunnyvale, CA, can easily cost as much as $250. Keep in mind that this figure normally does not include all labor, taxes, or parts.

Unlike many traditional service centers, Curbee always provides upfront pricing that includes all fees, parts, and labor. Our full synthetic oil change is incredibly cost-effective -- and we come to you! Our mobile service allows you to save time and money. What’s not to love?

Can I Schedule Other Mobile Maintenance Services?

Yes, Curbee offers a full lineup of routine vehicle maintenance services. In addition to oil changes, we provide mobile services for:

The Curbee team can even wash the interior and exterior of your vehicle during your maintenance appointment!

Curbee:  Providing Affordable Sunnyvale Oil Changes

Keeping up with your vehicle’s routine maintenance schedule is essential if you want your car to last. Curbee makes that easier than ever before with our mobile oil changes in Sunnyvale, CA. If you are ready to get back on track with your vehicle maintenance, book your mobile visit online today!

What's a Health Check?

A routine physical for your car. Curbee’s signature Health Check is used to assess the vitals of your vehicles major components

We make car care easy

From standard maintenance to service and repair, Curbee brings car care directly to you. Sign up, book a service and leave the rest to us!

  • Online booking
  • Crew comes to you
  • Transparent pricing
  • Signature Health Check
Proudly serving customers in Sunnyvale, CA

Your Curbee Experience

Curbee is on a mission to eliminate car care from your to-do list, making every drive carefree.  As part of every service appointment, Curbee offers a signature Health Check to keep your car looking and performing great over time. 

What's Included

Oil Change & Health Pack

  • Full synthetic oil change
  • Oil filter change
  • Signature Health Check
  • Personalized auto care plan

Synthetic is better for your vehicle and your wallet

Using a full synthetic oil opposed to mineral based oil will reduce the frequency of your vehicle’s oil change needs and keep your engine running longer. It’s designed to be more effective at resisting breakdown, chemical contaminants and can withstand higher temperatures.

Services in Sunnyvale, CA

Curbee uses eco-friendly products to deliver an incredible exterior and interior clean using less than 1 cup of water

Drivability Diagnostic Service, Diagnostic Service 12-Point Health Check, Pre-purchase Inspection

Belts & Hoses Inspection, Evaporative Smoke Test and Diagnostic, Full Brake Inspection, Engine Cooling System Inspection

Battery Replacement, Battery Cable Replacement

Tire Air Pressure Check & Fill, Tire Replacement

Tire Rotation, Wheel Stud Replacement

Brake Caliper Replacement, Brake Drum Replacement, Brake Fluid Service

Brake Master Cylinder Replacement, Brake Pad Replacement, Brake Pad Sensor Replacement, Brake Rotor Replacement, Brake Shoe Replacement, Brake Hose Replacement, Brake Hard Line Replacement, Brake Light Bulb Replacement, Emergency Brake Replacement, Master Brake Cylinder Replacement

Valve Cover Gaskets, Motor & Transmission Mounts, Engine Cooling System Repairs & Maintenance

Tune Ups & Maintenance, Valve Cover Gasket Replacement, Engine Oil Pan Gasket Replacement, Oil & Coolant Leaks, Motor & Transmission Mounts, Engine Cooling System Repair & Maintenance, Tune Ups, Scheduled Maintenance, Electrical Diagnosis, Wiring Concerns
Engine Mount Replacement

Oil Change Service

Getting an oil change is a critical car care task. Most of the time though it’s a major hassle. We hear it all the time from our customers in Sunnyvale, CA.

You need to book an appointment at your local mechanic, wait in the office while the work is done for who knows how long, and walk up to the cashier with zero confidence you’re paying a fair price.

A mobile oil change from Curbee is the fastest, safest, and most convenient way to get your car’s oil changed.

How often should you change your oil?

Your oil is a critical component to the overall health of your vehicle. Changing your oil and oil filter should be a regularly scheduled task. For optimal engine performance and protection, change your engine oil approximately every 7,500 miles using fully synthetic oil. Synthetic engine oil begins to break down causing  lubrication and heat dissipation efficiency to be reduced after 4 months. When using conventional engine oil, we recommend that you change your engine oil at ~ 3,500 miles or after 3 months, whichever comes first.

Despite using full synthetic oil, your oil level and condition should always be checked to determine when a change is needed. Other conditions can affect the frequency of oil changes, such as small leaks.  Check the guidance from your car’s manufacturer for more details, or look for the “Low Oil” light to appear on your dashboard as a last resort. Never drive your car with low oil, it can cause damage to the engine which may result in additional damage. If you are experiencing any symptoms of potential oil change needs, Curbee would be happy to diagnose the root cause.

How long does an oil change take?

An oil change should be a fast operation. It takes less than 30 mins to complete. Curbee even includes a courtesy wash as part of our full synthetic oil change service!

How much does an oil change cost?

The cost of an oil change differs from mechanic to mechanic, and from state to state. In Sunnyvale, CA, a mobile full synthetic oil change with Curbee costs $99 and includes a courtesy wash and signature health check with every service.

What is the oil change process?

Our full service oil change includes a synthetic oil and filter replacement. It’s done right in your driveway and completed by our expert mechanic.

After your oil change is completed, be sure to run the engine for a few minutes to ensure there’s no leaks.

Note: Be sure to choose a replacement oil that matches the oil specifications provided by the car manufacturer.

A mobile oil change from Curbee can be booked using the scheduler above or chatting with our team online now!

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