Curbee Mobile Service was built by operators for operators. We understand the challenges you face and how to solve them at scale

About Us

Welcome to Curbee - Your Premier Mobile Service Partner!

Our journey began with the trailblazing team that not only invented but successfully scaled Mobile Service at Tesla. We then built Curbee to extend our expertise and build state-of-the-art technology to elevate the automotive experience for all makes and models. We're now partnering with Automotive Dealers to make mobile service accessible to everyone.

In our eight-year journey, we've handled millions of global mobile service jobs for both EVs and ICE cars. Our operations have spanned diverse climates, logistical challenges, and technical configurations, resulting in an unprecedented level of customer loyalty. Our commitment to customer satisfaction has made us a trusted name in the automotive industry.

At Curbee, we deliver results. Our toolbox includes unique tools, technology, and streamlined processes tailored to ensure your success with Mobile Service. Our goals align with achieving amazing customer satisfaction, maximizing daily revenue, boosting overall financial performance, and ensuring your business's sustained profitability.

Transitioning to Mobile Service is a breeze with Curbee. We prioritize a smooth process, working closely with you at every step. Your control and satisfaction are our top priorities, ensuring lasting results.Join the Curbee Revolution, where we're reshaping the future of automotive service. Let's unite and redefine excellence together!

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